Our Origins

When Grant started Laughing Buddha in 2003, he certainly didn’t imagine that eventually about half of our 850 square foot store would become a small local grocery and packing center for delivering local food around New Orleans, but here we are!

With a bank of freezers and refrigerators, we stock all of our farm products – eggs, pork, beef and goat, when in season, – at Laughing Buddha daily. We quickly learned that if we could buy from neighboring farms and aggregate more local food to go along with our products, we could become more of a one-stop shop for local groceries. So today, in addition to our farm products, we receive weekly deliveries of local produce, dairy, poultry, fermented items like krauts, pickles and kombucha, raw honey, fresh bread and more from upwards of 12 other Louisiana and Mississippi farms and producers.

We welcome you to stop by any time we’re open to do some grocery shopping, however, as we sell a lot of this food through our pre-order neighborhood delivery hub model, it’s best to call in advance if you are looking for a specific item. We’re happy to hold it for you!

Through our neighborhood delivery hub model, you can place an order and pick up in one of seven hub locations – either at a neighborhood business, or a host captain’s home. Orders are all a la carte with no minimum purchase. Go to the events/calendar page for upcoming hubs and order form links! And we will soon be offering home delivery through the app, DoorDash! Stay tuned!

Our Partners

Besides our farm, Local Cooling Farms, we source from up to 12 other farms and producers in our region:


Kent Farms is a grass-fed cattle operation in Clinton owned and operated by Amelia and Russell Kent. They primarily consist of a cow-calf operation but also have a replacement heifer program and graze yearling cattle. Amelia is also very active in farming political advocacy and the Louisiana Farm Bureau.


Good Food (GF) Farms/Screaming Oaks is James Shoop's pastured chicken and mushroom farm in Franklinton. He's been farming for over 10 years with his family. They market their chicken under the label, Good Food Farm, while the mushrooms have been marketed under Screaming Oaks Mushroom Farm. If you're looking for an online presence, look up Screaming Oaks, but the label on the chickens will say GF for Good Food Farms.


Greener Pastures Farm in Singer, LA, focuses on truly pastured poultry and pork. We're able to source their whole chickens and cuts through Inglewood Farms.

barn no name.jpg

Mauthe's Progress Milk Barn is a grass based dairy in Progress, Miss., a few miles from the Louisiana state line. They produce a variety of dairy products from their herd of Jersey and Holstein cows, and do not homogenize or ultrapastuerize their milk (though laws currently require pasteurization). This results in absolutely delicious dairy products, with higher fat and a richer color (thanks to the grass!) than your average dairy. Because they don’t ultra pasteurize, the products do not last in the fridge as long.

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Inglewood Farm is a certified organic farm focusing mostly on large scale produce in Alexandria. They also have pecan groves and raise grassfed beef and pastured pork.


Two Dog Farms is a 20-acre produce farm in Flora, Mississippi. With a slightly different growing season, it's fun to get some veggies that are just out of season down here. They follow organic practices but are not certified organic.


Succotash Ferments is locally sourced fermentation company based in Covington, bringing you a variety of fermented foods including kombucha, seasonal fermented vegetables (including krauts and kimchi), and more!


Bellegarde Bakery bakes incredible bread with heirloom, carefully sourced wheat. They grind whole wheat in their stone mill, preserving many of the wholesale qualities of wheat that are taken out of commercial flours. They use a slow fermentation process and many people with gluten sensitivities are able to enjoy their bread with no issues. Also, it's the most flavorful, delicious bread ever!


Cajun Dough Works takes the nostalgic recipes from our childhood and updates them for today's lifestyles. Many of their products incorporate whole grains and provide healthier options for both omnivores and plant-based eaters. Additionally, they like to incorporate local, seasonal produce and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible!