Organic Pest Control

When you grow organically, pest prevention is the most important step. Our staff can help your garden minimize pest problems from the start by selecting the best soil, amendments and fertilizers. Nutrient supply, soil structure and beneficial microorganisms help your plants build their own defensives to common pest problems. Secondly, picking out the right plants to grow during the right season can help diminish pest issues, as well.

Once you’ve done these steps, daily garden checks are key to stop pest issues early. With organic pest control, identification of the insects or fungi causing problems is vitally important. When you use conventional insecticides, you wipe out all bugs – including helpful pollinators and other beneficial insects like carnivorous bugs that feast on other insects. With organic pest control the goal is to figure out what is causing the problem and target it with a natural solution that will eliminate the pest but it not toxic to humans, other animals or beneficial insects.

We carry a variety of products to eliminate common pests that will do the least damage to the population of your beneficial bugs and worms. We encourage you to take photos of your plants and the insects you think are affecting them and bring them with you when you visit.  We can help you enhance your garden’s ecosystem/habitat while using appropriate (often naturally derived) pest control to get rid of pest problem standing between you and a fruitful harvest.

Our most popular pest control products include: Bacillus thurginiensis (Bt), pyrethrin concentrate, spinosad, Sluggo, Neem Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, GreenCure fungicide, and some combination sprays.


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