In hydroponic gardening, soil is eliminated and the theory is that you should remove as many barriers as possible between a plants roots and the water, oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow. Many studies tout faster growth and higher yields in hydroponic systems versus plants grown in soil. A carefully designed hydroponic garden, this happens because the plants struggle less to find pockets of water or nutrients in the soil.

There are downsides to hydroponic gardening. The systems are more technical and expensive to set up and because you are creating an artificial environment for the plants, you need to monitor major inputs – water, nutrients, oxygen and light – at all times. A light or pump failing can cause your plants to die quickly.

There are several types of hydroponic garden setups, the most common being:

  • Wick (passive) systems

  • Deep Water Culture

  • Ebb & Flow (or Flood & Drain)

  • Aeroponics

  • Drip Systems

In response to continued demand by our customers, we still specialize in hydroponic growing systems (although we are big proponents of growing in soil, especially in our climate!).

We have everything you need to get started with an indoor or outdoor hydroponic growing system, including:

  • Containers in various sizes from grow tables to trays, square pots, net pots, Rootmaker Pots, Smart Pots, etc.

  • Growing media such as expanded clay pebbles, grow stones, rockwool (primarily Grodan grow blocks and plugs) and coconut fiber, compressed bales, chips or croutons.

  • Active Aqua air pumps, air stones (in various shapes and sizes) and submersible pumps as well as the corresponding tubing and fittings.

  • Carbon filters and inline fans.

  • pH and ppm pens, pH test indicators, thermostats, digital light meters, water timers, outlet timers and other useful tools to automate and monitor your hydroponic system.

  • Indoor horticultural lighting from LED and CFL seed starting lights to ballasts, reflectors, bulbs and entire systems (high pressure sodium, metal halide and ceramic metal halide) for lighting grow rooms.

Nutrients and Fertilizers:

With our small square footage, we focus on stocking on a few select nutrient lines that whole heartedly recommend. These include: FoxFarm, Cutting Edge, Origins Organics.

We are a HYDROFARM dealer and can order you anything they carry – either to pick up at the store, or drop shipped to your house. Call to place an order and get a shipping quote.


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