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“If we can do it here, you can do it there.”

Daniel Salatin with his father Joel Salatin


The weekend of December 5th and 6th Local Cooling and Bonnie Blue Farms will be hosting Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farms to share the techniques of Polyface’s profitable farming systems with South East Louisiana as part of a weekend workshop event on profitable farming. The weekend will be full of how to build healthy farms of the future that have both pastures and profits.

Day 1: Daniel and Farming the Polyface Way

Daniel Salatin is the son of famous advocate and “lunatic” farmer Joel Salatin and is currently the main operations behind Polyface Farms.

On the first day of the event (December 5th) Daniel will cover which animals Polyface farms uses and why, the animal production systems they use and discussions about marketing and market strategy. Daniel will be touring the startup farms of Local Cooling and Bonnie Blue Farms looking at the animal systems in place and discussing approaches going forward.

Questions are highly encouraged throughout the event as there will be Q&A throughout the entire event. This will be an excellent time to step up and ask questions about how Daniel Salatin and Polyface farms have built successful pasture based farming enterprises.

Day 2: Mike Cornwell and Grant Estrade and Integration of Waste Streams

On the following day of December 6th, Grant Estrade of Local Cooling Farms and Mike Cornwell of Bonnie Blue Farms and Nursery will be leading continued discussions about building profitable farming systems and will answer as many questions as necessary about Day 1s information.

Grant will share how he’s been able to accumulate and use waste streams to supplement inputs for farm establishment. Mike will provide a full demonstration and explanation of getting started with electrical fence systems. Netting and twine based systems and solar setups will be covered.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop intended for those looking to begin pasture based farming in natural ways, profitably. Whether you’re new and on the fence at starting to farm or looking to integrate new successful approaches this workshop is for you. This also includes homesteaders who are looking to add in a farm income component.

This event may not necessarily be suitable for those who are looking at urban and suburban farming. The scale for pasture based animals is a bit larger than the available space often available in these systems.

What Will You Leave With

Prospective students will leave with the following:

  • An understanding of the pasture livestock systems that the farms are using
  • How Polyface raises their livestock and processes them
  • Polyface’s Marketing Strategies and how they are building their customer base
  • Answered questions about Polyface’s Farming operations


Tickets will be available for both December 5th and 6th or just for the Saturday event with Daniel Salatin. Tickets will be firmly capped at 30 spots to ensure that there is excellent individual attention.

  • Just Saturday with Daniel (December 5th):
    • $300
  • Saturday and Sunday (December 5th and 6th):
    • $400

Tickets can purchased at Laughing Buddha or our Event Bright site.

Tickets can be purchased here at Event Bright.


The event will be located on the collocated site for Local Cooling and Bonnie Blue Farms located in Rio, La about 1 hour and 15 minutes north of New Orleans.


The farm does not currently have a street address, but this address can be used on a GPS.

57377 Sam Mizell Rd,

Rio, LA

The event will be occurring at the large field that has an inner road with houses on the fringes.

Detailed directions can be found here.

How to Find Out More

Signup for the mailing list only for this event. All changes and updates to this event will be sent out via this mailing list.

Hope to see you there!