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Local Cooling Farms (i.e. the opposite of Global Warming) is our 14.5 acre farm in Rio, Louisiana. At Laughing Buddha, we encourage our customers to experiment with growing and brewing their own food and drink.

At the farm, we’re taking the agriculture practices we believe in to a larger scale. Our farm model is centered on maximizing natural nutrient cycling, rotational grazing methods and composting to:

  • Grow healthy food (especially clean protein) for people;
  • Recycle some of our community’s agricultural residuals (Cool Brew coffee grounds and spent brewery grain from Second Line Brewing and Brieux Carre Brewing Company);
  • Produce high quality soil blends and natural fertilizer products for landscapers and home gardeners;
  • Heal our land and sequester carbon back into the soil;
  • Rebuild a healthy ecosystem on our property and the surrounding acreage.

We raise American Guinea and Berkshire hogs, along with a variety of heritage breed chickens for eggs, and Freedom Ranger broilers for meat. We also have a herd of breeding goats and a breeding flocks of chickens, including Jersey Giants, Dominiques and Delawares (so if you’re interested in fertilized eggs, chicks or pullets, please let us know).

You can buy our eggs, pork, goat and chicken (seasonally available) at Laughing Buddha Nursery, or email or call Kate to arrange delivery (minimum order $20).


How to Buy

Our pork is currently available for purchase 6 days a week at the shop. If you want a specific cut, call first to ensure we have it in stock.

Through neighborhood delivery hubs, you can order a la carte farm products and pick up in your neighborhood. Click here to learn more.

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