Grant Estrade at the Farm to Table Experience

/Grant Estrade at the Farm to Table Experience
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LBN Owner, Grant Estrade, will speak during two sessions at the Farm to Table Experience at the New Orleans Convention Center.

· Session Topic #1: “On-Farm and Backyard Composting,” 9:45-10:45 AM

In this interactive session, learn the ins and outs of soil. Grant will led a discussion on enriching the soil as well as addressing soil-deficiency issues. Included will be an introduction on how to use a worm bin to recycle organic scraps into feed for your chickens and natural fertilizer for your garden.

· Session Topic #2: “Grower and Consumer Open Discussion,” 2:30-3:30 PM

In this practical, boots-on-the-ground session, Grant will lead an open forum for both hobbyists and professionals. If you’ve ever asked questions such as “Where can I find non-GMO animal feed?”, “How should I sell and distribute my produce/livestock in the community?” or “What are the best avenues to buy locally?” then this session is for you. He will be available to answer questions such as how to take the next steps of turning your hobby into a reality and make farming a living. He will also share some of his experiences (including obstacles) and will provide practical tips that you can immediately apply. Come with questions and be ready to discuss!