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*Note, we are sold out of chickens until March 2018!

We raise Red Ranger (and next season Freedom Ranger) broiler chickens, which grow slower, stand taller and forage better than standard conventional breed chickens, such as Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens. We start these birds as chicks in deep litter compost brooder stalls and finish them in chicken tractors on pasture.

Our chickens eat a natural and varied diet, including grass and bugs, and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, space to scratch and peck and generally act like chickens, as well as protection from the elements. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Because we raise these slower growing breeds, they have smaller breasts, larger legs and because they actually exercise, we recommend cooking them low and slow. They have the best chicken flavor ever, but could have the potential to be “tougher” than conventional chicken without the right cooking treatment.

We also occasionally have gumbo/stew birds (retired laying hens or roosters hatched out from our breeding flocks). These birds definitely need to be slow cooked but have tremendous flavor as well!

Chicken Pricing:

  • Whole Broiler Chicken — $4.50 per pound (usually 3-5 pounds)
  • Stewing Hens or Capones (Roosters)— $2 per pound (2-10 pounds)
  • Livers and hearts – $4 per pound
  • Chicken feet— $3 per pound