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Laughing Buddha Nursery has the knowledge & equipment to get you started on your own home brewing adventure.

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than brewing beer?

Homebrewing kits come in many different types and from many different manufacturers. Most kits come with a full set of instructions for brewing. These instructions, sometimes called recipes, may vary widely in the amount of instruction given. For instance, many all-grain kits assume a familiarity with the brewing process and so may give fewer specific instructions on the general process.

Reasons to homebrew:

  • Homebrewing can be cheaper than buying commercially equivalent beverages
  • You can adjust recipes according to tastes, creating beverages that are unavailable on the open market
  • You can create low-ethanol beverages that may contain fewer calories
  • Homebrewing can reduce the environmental impact of fermented beverages by using less packaging and transportation than commercially brewed beverages, and by the use of refillable jugs, reusable bottles or other reusable containers

Home brewers are frequently tempted to make beers with high alcohol content, but this is not recommended because the cheapness and quantity of beer produced can induce the brewer to drink more than they normally would.

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